7 Best Kosher Food Brands in 2023

kosher food brands

Kosher is an eating pattern in which foods and beverages adhere to certain guidelines set by Jewish dietary laws. Most people who follow a kosher diet do so to feel more connected to their faith, rather than for health reasons. If you are just starting a kosher diet, having a list of kosher food brands will help you stay on track, especially when it comes to snacking. 

In this article, we explore a list of kosher brands with different snack offerings, from cheese to crackers and yogurt. 

What are Kosher Foods?

Kosher foods are prepared and processed based on traditional Jewish standards. One example is that dairy products should come only from kosher animals, such as cows and goats. Under kosher guidelines, it’s also forbidden to prepare or cook meat and milk together. 

The thing about kosher products on the market is that not everything has kosher labeling. Nuts and seeds in their natural form, for instance, are essentially kosher except if they have been cooked, flavored, and modified. 

This is where kosher certification symbols come in. By purchasing kosher snacks with these symbols, you can easily avoid consuming products that contain kosher ingredients or have been prepared with machinery that has come in contact with non-kosher substances. 

How Do I Know if a Product is Kosher?

Different kosher certification symbols include OU, OU-D, OU-DE, OU-M, OU-F, and OU-P. We have based these symbols on Orthodox Union, which is the largest kosher certification agency. Here’s what each symbol means on a package:

  • OU: Kosher but not necessarily kosher for passover.
  • OU-D: The product is either dairy, contains a dairy ingredient, or has been processed in dairy equipment.
  • OU-M or OU-Glatt: The product is kosher meat, has meat ingredients, is a derivative of meat, or has been processed in equipment that has processed meat products. 
  • OU-F: The product has fish ingredients but not necessarily kosher for passover. 
  • OU-P: The product is kosher for passover and is also pareve. 

Top Kosher Food Brands

Looking for kosher brand options for your snack cravings? See our list below. 


1. Käze

Käze’s mission is to provide people with great-tasting cheese snacks that are packed with protein and support a low-carb lifestyle. These are the perfect alternative to traditional chips that are full of unhealthy ingredients. Käze snacks are made from real cheese. Check out our Classic Flavors, which include cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, smoked gouda, and pepper jack cheese

Dream Pops

2. Dream Pops

Dream Pops are frozen chocolate-coated plant-based desserts. These tasty treats were created by a team of entrepreneurs and ice cream enthusiasts to satisfy health-conscious consumers. Their Dream Pops Crunch, for example, are made with simple ingredients like coconut and vegan chocolate, and they have less sugar. 

sushi nori

3. gimMe Snacks

As the world’s first USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified seaweed snacks, gimMe Snacks was launched in 2012. The founders Annie and Steve saw an opportunity to introduce korean snacks to an American audience. Note that the only product with a kosher certification symbol is their Organic Sushi Nori

Mary's Gone Crackers

4. Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers was born out of Mary’s ability to create snacks using only plant-based ingredients. For instance, their original crackers use quinoa, flaxseeds, and sesame seeds. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll like Mary’s Gone graham-style Kookies



LÄRABAR started as an idea to combine simple ingredients resulting in a product that’s not only convenient but also delicious. Their original fruit and nut bars, for example, have no more than 9 ingredients. They also have baked snacks that families will love called LÄRABAR® Kids

No Cow

6. No Cow

No Cow is a kosher food manufacturer specializing in plant-based high-protein bars. If you’re on a low-carbohydrate diet, you’ll be glad that these bars are also low in net carbs. Some customers enjoy No Cow bars as a quick breakfast or a snack for hikes and long trips. Try their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor which is a top favorite. 


7. Chobani 

Named the most innovative company in North America by Fast Company in 2021, Chobani makes Greek yogurt using only natural non-GMO ingredients. Their Greek yogurt is available in low-fat and non-fat versions, plus other flavors like blueberry and black cherry. You might also love their oatmilk which is a good source of calcium and other vitamins. 


These are just some of the many kosher food brands to try today. As a final reminder, always check a food package for kosher symbols, which are usually printed at the bottom front of the package. Keeping kosher doesn’t have to be hard. And with Käze cheese bites, you’ll have healthy and tasty snacks all week.

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