Creative Kaze Parings

Käze low-carb, healthy, real cheese snacks are exactly what you’ve been missing from your monotonous keto snack routine! Every cheesy morsel is packed with a powerful crunch and an intensely cheesy punch. These perfectly poppable palate pleasers pair incredibly well with so many different foods. Each Käze cheese snack has the ability to transform itself into delectable dishes to satisfy your cravings, keep you keto, and leave you feeling guilt-free! 

Eating Käze cheese snacks just by themselves makes the perfect on-the-go treat, but the deliciousness doesn’t have to stop there!  Let’s explore all the ways to fall in love with Käze cheese snacks. 

Classic Käze Pairings 

Tickle your tastebuds with Käze classic cheese bites in four fabulous flavors! Cheddar, pepper jack, gouda, and smoked gouda. Elevate your next salad and grace it with some gouda goodness! Yep! Gouda cheese bites make the perfect keto substitution for boring old croutons.  

Another way to get kreative with Käze is to substitute breadcrumbs in just about any recipe with your favorite Käze classic cheese bites! Imagine your favorite creamy buffalo chicken dip recipe for the next big game. It’s served piping hot out of the oven with crushed pepper jack cheese bites coating the top. Every square inch of that dip will be irresistible! Creamy, cheesy, and of course, it will have that signature Käze Krunch on the top! Your guests might need a minute after that one. 

Keto Medley Pairings 

Let’s mix it up with some keto medley snacks! Just like all the other Käze cheese snacks these bodacious bites are made with 100% real cheese, they’re naturally low-carb, gluten-free, high in protein, and kosher. But wait, there’s more! We went a little krazy and added nutritious nuts to this mix! Käze offers two totally tasty medleys. One combines cheddar bites, cashews, and pecans and the other is simply cheddar bites and almonds. 

The combination of savory cheddar cheese bites and nuts makes them irresistible mixtures that you’ll definitely want to mess with! We can’t think of a better match for your next charcuterie board. The crispy cheese bites and aromatic nuts nestled next to unctuous olives, cured meats, and the perfect glass of wine. Set that showstopping board out for your guests and let the compliments roll in!  

Flavor Fusions Pairings 

Infusing extra flavor into cheese? Yes, please! Käze flavor fusions cheese bites come in three fantastic flavor varieties, cheddar horseradish, cheddar pizza, and cheddar chipotle. These flavor combinations can kick up any dish you decide to pair them with.  

Amplify your standard meatball recipe by replacing the breadcrumbs with cheddar pizza cheese bites! All the zest of a pizza packed into all that meaty goodness? Talk about a perfect pair! If you’re looking to incorporate more veggies into your diet, you could do a twist on the classic eggplant parmesan. Crush up the pizza cheddar bites, coat the sliced eggplant and fry them up to golden-brown keto-friendly goodness! 

Bring the vintage chicken cordon blue recipe into the keto era by stuffing it with the typical ham and swiss and crust it in crushed cheddar horseradish bites. That one deserves a chef’s kiss! Käze cheese snacks offer healthy options to help stretch your snacking possibilities while also expanding your recipe repertoire. 

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