Keto Snack Essential

Keto-friendly snacks can be arduous to find with all the carbohydrate-packed snacks out there. When on a keto diet, it is necessary to consume high-fat foods and avoid carbs and refined sugars. Healthy keto snacks maintain energy levels in between meals and throughout the day. Healthy foods that are low in carbs and taste good were difficult to find until now. Käze Cheese offers high-quality dehydrated cheese snacks made from real cheese that are 100% natural, healthy, and delicious. 

What is Keto and its Health Benefits 

The ketogenic diet pushes the body to enter a metabolic state where stored fat cells are broken down and used as energy. Stored fats break down into ketones which are chemicals made in the liver. Ketones become an alternate fuel to energize your body, causing the body to burn fat and enter a state of ketosis. The main component to initiating ketosis is to limit carbs. In ketosis, the body will not use blood sugar or glucose as its fuel but instead fat. 

There are tons of benefits from the keto diet. Various studies show that it can reduce appetite, weight, and inflammation and improve sleep patterns, anxiety, heart health, and more. So what do you eat when on a keto diet? 

The Key to Keto 

Whole, natural foods are part of keeping up a keto diet. Look for low-carb foods with high-fat content and moderate protein, such as nuts, cheese, eggs, avocado, cold cuts, and olives. Käze Cheese started with savory cheese bites and now offers a new line of keto-friendly snacks. Keto Medley snack bags from Käze check all the boxes for the perfect keto snack: 

  • Gluten Free 
  • High in Protein 
  • Low Carb 
  • Kosher Friendly 
  • Keto Friendly 

How to Keto with Käze 

Käze Cheese preserves the natural profile and flavor of cheese with our advanced moisture removal technology. We make sure you get the cheesy flavor and benefits with a delicious crunch. 

Whether you are new to the keto diet or keto all the way, The keto lifestyle can be a transformative one, but you can count on our keto-friendly snacks to help. With less than 4 grams of carbs and 1 gram of sugar, Käze Keto Medley snacks are crunchy cheese bites mixed with real nuts to help satisfy cravings without making you feel guilty. 

Snack the Right Way 

To maintain ketosis, snacking should only be done when necessary. However, you also need to listen to your body throughout the diet. The so-called “Keto Flu” are flu-like symptoms that commonly appear as you switch to a keto diet. You may feel symptoms like fatigue or have sugar cravings. With the newly redesigned Käze bags, you can find all the nutritional information you need right on the front of our bags. Monitor your carb and calorie intake, plus how many grams of protein and sugar you are snacking on to stay on track and healthy. 

Make the Most of Käze Keto Medley 

Now available in two delicious flavors: Almond and Cheddar and Pecan, Cashew, and Cheddar, Käze Keto Medley bags are an excellent source of protein with 6 grams of protein per bag. Enjoy Keto Medley before the gym for an energy boost and improved workout or after for post-workout fuel. Level up your next salad with our Pecan, Cashew, and Cheddar Medley, adding a savory, crunchy twist to lunch. You can also add an Almond and Cheddar Keto crunch to popcorn for a healthy twist during movie night.  

Take your keto game to the next level with Käze Cheese and order these wholesome and delicious Keto Medley snack bags today. Stock up on 3-count, 6-count, and 12-count packs to share with friends and family, or enjoy an individual bag all to yourself and get your crunch on.

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