The Best New Keto, Low-Carbs, High-Protein Delicious Snacks is Here

We’ve all been there: The mid-afternoon crash. You’ve been working hard all day, and you’re so hungry you could eat a horse. Dinner is still hours away, but you need something right now. You know you should have a low-carbs, high-protein snack that supports your keto diet, but you’re craving something delicious – and bad. What do you do? 

Introducing Käze Medleys – Healthy snacking done right. 

Finally, the perfect keto protein snack is here! Käze Keto Medley comes in two perfect combinations: the Almond & Cheddar combination, and the Pecan, Cashew, & Cheddar combination. These delicious crunchy cheese bites with nuts will satisfy your craving for something savory without piling on the carbs. They taste great, and you’ll feel great too. 

Savory snack lovers who crave a crunch or a cheesy taste know how tough it can be to find a snack that leaves them feeling full without binging on a high-carb non-keto option. Now that Käze Medleys are here, in both sharable size and snack size, you’ll never have to worry about curbing that craving with something that disrupts your keto eating plan again. And if you only buy the snack size, you’ll never have to worry about sharing again. Or maybe you like sharing! You do you. 

Both Käze Medleys flavor combinations are delicious, and both combinations are keto-approved and low in carbohydrates (less than 4 grams) and low in sugar (less than 1 gram). This makes them the perfect alternative to a high carb snack like chips or a sugary snack like candy or a high-in-sugar cereal. 

Käze Medleys are also made with 100% real cheese – nothing artificial here. They are Kosher and gluten free, too. As a snack that ticks off so many boxes, it’s the perfect option to bring to a party. Odds are, most of the guests will love them! Sorry, vegans – these scrumptious snacks are cheese heavy and definitely not vegan.  

If you’re a health-conscious person who’s either experimenting with a keto diet or a die-hard keto enthusiast, you should try Käze Medleys. Next time that mid-afternoon craving comes around, you won’t sprint to the break room or the pantry and binge on a bag of chips or a box of cookies – as tempting as it is. You’ll be prepared with a delectable low-carbs, high-protein treat. You’ll feel full and satisfied, and it will still feel like you are treating yourself! Give Käze Medleys a try today and let us know what you think! 

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