What Does Smoked Gouda Taste Like?

Smoked Gouda Cheese

If you’ve ever eaten gouda cheese, then you know it has a creamy and buttery flavor. Similar to gouda, smoked gouda is a top favorite among cheese lovers. It’s the next cheese you’ll want to try if you’re interested in experiencing gouda on a different level. So, what does smoked gouda taste like? This article has you covered. 

What is Smoked Gouda?

Smoked gouda is a variant of regular gouda. It’s a semi-hard cheese that is made from cow’s milk. As the name implies, it is smoked in brick ovens over flaming hickory chips. Using hickory wood (a popular choice) would add a unique flavor to gouda and a dark or golden brown rind that people can easily recognize. 

As for its nutrition and health benefits, smoked gouda shares the same health benefits of regular gouda, such as weight loss, gut health, immune system support, muscle protein synthesis, and blood sugar balance. Smoked gouda cheese is low in carbohydrates, with less than 1 gram per one ounce serving, so it’s as healthy as other low-carb cheeses

What Does Smoked Gouda Taste Like?

One would describe smoked gouda flavor as mild and buttery with a prominent woodsy, nutty, and caramel-like taste that will remind you of slow-fire roasted foods. 

Smoked gouda already tastes delicious on its own. If you’re wondering what to eat smoked gouda with, feel free to put it on sandwiches and crackers or enjoy it alongside fruits. For those who love wine, smoked gouda pairs well with Gewürztraminer and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

What Cheese Has a Similar Taste to Smoked Gouda?

Curious about which snacking cheeses can replace smoked gouda? If you’re looking for smoked gouda substitutes, these options have a similar flavor: 

  • Smoked Colby Jack 
  • Smoked Young Cheddar 
  • Smoked Edam 
  • Smoked Gruyere

Notice that these substitutes impart the same smokiness to your recipes. If these cheeses aren’t available at your local supermarket, you can find them online. Also, smoked cheeses tend to cost a bit more than regular cheeses. 

The Bottom Line

A variant of gouda, smoked gouda cheese is known for its woodsy and caramel-like taste. Its smoky aroma and brown color on the rind are the result of smoking it with hickory. This cheese isn’t just versatile and great tasting, but it’s also good for your body. 

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