What is Gouda Cheese Used For?

different ways to use gouda cheese

Besides improving your health, gouda cheese makes anything better — from pasta to salads to french onion soups. What is gouda used for? You might ask. This article provides fun facts and other interesting information about this semi-hard cheese and different gouda cheese uses worth trying for food connoisseurs. 

What is Gouda Cheese?

Made from cow’s milk, gouda cheese came from the city of Gouda, south of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Despite its origin, gouda is now available worldwide. 

Did you know that gouda is one of the oldest surviving cheeses? According to historical records, gouda has been around since the 12th century [*]. 

Many types of cheeses are low in carbs, and gouda is one of them! Gouda fits a low-carb keto diet since it has only 1 gram of carbs per serving. It’s also protein-packed, which makes it a smart choice for speeding up muscle recovery (for those who love working out) and promoting muscle growth. 

If you’re looking for a mild-flavored cheese that’s sweet and nutty, you’ll love gouda’s taste. However, as gouda ages for months or years, it develops a more robust flavor that goes well with bold-flavored foods. 

Meanwhile, smoked gouda retains the mildness of regular gouda while adding a woodsy taste that’s not hard to notice! Here’s more about smoked gouda and its taste

What is Gouda Cheese Used For?

Gouda is a popular option for cheese boards. You can even eat it alone (cut into wedges) or with fruit slices. On top of these, gouda is good for:

  • Baked dishes (cakes, muffins, puff pastries, casseroles)
  • Soups 
  • Sandwiches 
  • Cheese dips (alone or combined with other cheeses)
  • Substituting cheeses like young cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Edam 

Recipes Using Gouda Cheese

Here are a few examples of recipes with gouda cheese! These delectable options are sure to beat any takeout food. 

Keto Gouda Grits

Make this hot side dish and enjoy it with any low-carb meal like grilled steak or chicken. This recipe is easy. Just combine ¼ cup of shredded gouda cheese with the rest of the ingredients and place them in a food processor. 

Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese

The combination of smoked gouda and white cheddar makes this mac and cheese recipe extra creamy. Save this recipe for holidays and weekend gatherings. Pair it with barbecue ribs or meatballs. 

Gouda Turkey Club 

Here’s how to use gouda cheese if you love club sandwiches. While this recipe calls for smoked gouda, you can also use regular gouda. This gouda turkey club sandwich is best served with garlic parmesan zucchini fries and sparkling wine.  

French Onion Soup

Wondering what to use gouda for when it comes to soups? This french onion soup uses ½ cup of gouda and other cheeses like parmesan, gruyere, and pecorino. It’s time-intensive and requires a lot of ingredients, but it’s definitely worth the effort. 

Spicy Pasta Salad With Smoked Gouda, Tomatoes, and Basil

This pasta salad uses penne pasta, which is perfect for smoked gouda. It’s a comforting and delicious dinner recipe that will be a hit with your family. Turn up the heat by adding extra chipotle peppers!

Bacon and Gouda Frittata

Here’s an egg dish that lets you start the day with healthy fats and protein. It’s low in carbohydrates. You will need 8 eggs, ¾ cup of gouda, bacon strips, and other herbs and spices. Top it with green onions if you like. 


These uses of gouda cheese send an important message — gouda is just impressive. Whether you’re craving a simple meal like a frittata or in the mood for something extraordinary, you won’t run out of gouda recipes. 

Another delicious option would be snacking on gouda cheese bites. Try Käze gouda cheese bites and smoked gouda cheese bites which you and your family will absolutely enjoy! Our snacks are healthy and non-perishable. 

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